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SMB Group looks at a various range of complex projects in civil and industrial constructions area.

SMB Group manages projects in a professional manner, ensuring a complete range of services:



  • design;

  • execution of “turn-key” construction works such as: industrial premises; gyms; schools; child care center; kindergartens; community / social centers;




  • Obtaining documentations: Town Planning Certificates; technical studies; approval forms; authorizations etc.

  • Issuance of documentation and consultancy in the execution of industrial and civil constructions;



Execution of structural frame

  • Demolishing:

    • plaster removal;

    • dismantling of lining / wood structures;

    • demolition of concrete walls / structures;

  • Concrete infrastructures and superstructures:

    • Execution of manual / mechanized digging;

    • Shaping and erecting reinforced iron for girder foundations, pillars, plates, staircases, belts etc.;

    • Erection of metallic / wood encasements; racks; props; scaffolds;

    • Concrete casting on girder foundation, pillars, plates, staircases, belts etc.

  • Masonry / cladding lining

    • Execution of masonry works with BCA, bricks;

    • Front lining with sandwich/glass panel;

  • Frameworks

    • Execution of wood frameworks;

    • Execution of revetment / fascia boards / fronton / eaves;

    • Plate / tile / shingle covering system;


Architecture Execution

  • Internal finishing

    • Coatings and plasterboard walls;

    • Plastering, spackle and painting;

    • Tile covering;

    • Execution of blankets and/or cold/hot paving;


  • Woodworks

    • Erection of PVC/aluminum/laminated wood joinery;

    • Erection of external and internal windowsills;

    • Erection of PVC/ laminated wood /cellular/metallic doors;

    • Hatches; 


  • Thermo-systems and external finishing

    • Execution of thermo-systems withfoam polystyrene / mineral wool;

    • Execution of decorative plastering / stone plating;


Execution of Installations

  • Execution of sanitary and sewerage installations

    • Erection of cold / hot water and sewerage routes;

    • Erection of sanitary objects and batteries;


  • Execution of thermal installations, ventilations and Air Conditioning

    • Erection of round-trip routes;

    • Erection of equipment (thermal stations / electric stations / solid fuel stations, boilers, pumping groups, solar panels etc.);

    • Erection of fan coil units / air conditioning equipment / chillers etc.


  • Execution of electrical installations

    • Erection of power circuits and/or electric panels;

    • Erection of socket supply routes and switches;

    • Erection of electrical apparatus;

    • Erection of fire detection systems;

    • Erection of lightning arrester;


External landscaping

  • Alleys;

  • Parking lots corresponding to the buildings;

  • Hard landscaping (lawn, decorative shrubs etc).

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